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To provide you with the best possible support, we can draw upon the skills that you need for your project. All of our services are tailored to the situation in your organization and your problems.

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All of our services are framed by our overall methodology, and tailored to your safety culture project.


Safety culture diagnosis

Evaluate, measure the safety culture, practices and perceptions, identify the main characteristics, strengths and weaknesses, etc. This first step is the foundation for any project to change your safety culture.

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Vision seminar

What is the current situation? What will tomorrow’s safety look like? The vision seminar is a key step in defining your safety aims and how you plan to achieve them.

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Co-construction of the programme

Next, it’s time to translate your safety ambitions into concrete actions, by bringing the various players on-board. The resulting program is a collaborative construction.

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The safety leadership programme

This programmz reinforces the safety leadership of front-line managers by focusing on key operational skills.

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The safety visit programme

The safety visit is fundamental to the work of managers; it aims to find solutions through dialogue and a comprehensive commitment to risk prevention.

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The Golden Rules program

The aim is to ensure that all staff fully buy-in to the need for some fundamental safety rules, with a view to strict, rigorous compliance.

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A just and equitable culture

Co-constructing the conditions that will ensure that important safety information is shared by everyone. That is the challenge that a just culture policy seeks to address.

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Workshops on safety culture and practices

Ensure that everyone feels confident to speak out about what is really happening in the workplace, involve staff and reconnect managers with what is happening in the field, ensure a shared level of awareness of the most important risks, identify problems and work together to find solutions.

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| Intervention modes |





  • Strategic advice: assistance in defining a HSE vision and drawing up a policy
  • Support for change and the implementation of processes and actions
  • Scientific and methodological advice: sharing and benchmarking good industrial practices, academic and methodological recommendations
  • Expertise: in-depth diagnostics, short-term expertise , expert advice, feedback, technical expertise
  • Observation and analysis of processes, immersion in the field
  • Operational support and training: design of operations, design of training programs, learning follow-up, training trainers, development and facilitation of made-to-measure workshops





| Our beliefs |


Icsi is dedicated to bringing together all of the actors involved in industrial safety: at-risk industries, trade unions, communities, research centers, universities, specialized institutes and associations.

This is why we attach particular importance to involving all actors in the safety culture projects we support. We believe that no single individual holds all the keys to safety. This is not only a strong statement, but also a code of ethics. All staff are involved, from the most senior director to the operator in the field, not forgetting employee representatives. And we must not forget that safety can extend beyond the walls of the company: to contracted companies, elected officials, local residents, etc.