Fair and just culture programme Fair and just culture programme

Fair and just culture programme

Fair and just culture programme

Fair and just culture programme Fair and just culture programme


All members of staff


You sense that important safety information is no longer being shared, that the same accidents or near-accidents seem to keep happening, with identical causes, that staff seems to be becoming a bit fatalistic...

Your employees and personnel representatives and/or your hierarchy think that this organisational silence is mainly due to uncertainty about how managers will respond if an event is reported, there is a sense that:

  • sanctions are not used systematically,
  • dangerous behaviour is not sanctioned
  • safe behaviour is not rewarded.

It is possible to develop a fair culture. This means that the response of managers to unwanted events is predictable and reasonable, and based on an agreed policy of analysis, processing and an appropriate response.


Developing a fair and just culture is a long process that can take several months or even several years to complete. We highly recommended that staff representatives are involved in the construction of the just culture policy.

Icsi can support you at all stages of the project, especially key moments.

  • Project launch: inform and involve senior managers and staff representatives, appoint a respected and legitimate project manager, establish a representative project group
  • The sociotechnical construction of a just culture policy: undamental principles of a just culture, develop a shared vocabulary, everyone commits to these principles
  • Construction of the implementation: Define what is acceptable and unacceptable behaviour (Golden Rules, rules that save lives), working with personnel, develop the guide and associated tools that are provided to managers who must reward positive contributions to safety and sanction unsafe behaviour
  • Gradual Roll-out: test the policy, guide and tools (pilot), present the policy to all personnel, train and support the entire managerial hierarchy, inform and train all employees, deploy, monitor and adjust if necessary


Icsi’s contribution

  • Expertise in, and support for change management
  • Training
  • Lead individual and group discussions
  • Provide insight and industry benchmarks