Golden rules programme Golden rules programme

Golden rules programme

Golden rules programme

Golden rules programme Golden rules programme


All members of staff


If you ask employees and managers about compliance with safety rules, you will soon see that some rules are not suited to the reality in the workplace, and that others are not sufficiently known about, understood, accepted or followed.

The first challenge lies in the choice of appropriate golden rules that:

  • reflect all of the entity’s major risks, taking into account all of its activities,
  • are based on a thorough study of the accident rate,
  • involve staff in their development.

Their implementation and application is a second major challenge. It requires ongoing managerial support, and checks of their applicability and application, taking into account difficulties encountered in the field.


The aim is to ensure that all staff fully buy-in to these basic safety rules, with a view to ensuring strict and rigorous compliance. This is done through:

  • Choosing the Golden rules, with a participatory approach that is tailored to the context. The aim is to define a small number of simple, basic rules that are clearly worded, apply to everyone and address all of the entity’s major risks.
  • Co-constructing communication modalities in order to share the meaning of the Golden Rules with respect to managing the entity’s major risks and unite teams around a shared vision of safety.
  • Training the entire managerial hierarchy to encourage teams to buy-in to the Golden Rules and apply them in their day-to-day work.
  • Adjusting and evaluating the implementation
  • maintaining progress with the integration of the Golden Rules into the day-to-day work of all personnel, the organisation’s practices, processes and induction procedures for new members of staff.


Icsi’s contribution

  • Leading individual and group discussion
  • Provide insights and industry benchmarks
  • Provide expertise and change management support


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