Safety training with virtual reality

Did you know that learning through immersion and role playing – even when it comes to the most serious risks – is now possible... thanks to virtual reality! Leader in training, Icsi has developed a partnership with Immersive Factory, a French start-up specialized in the design of HSE training in virtual reality. The aim? To get you immersed (while in complete safety) in an at-risk work environment!

Safety training with virtual reality Safety training with virtual reality



| Why virtual reality? |

Following several years’ work on the prevention of serious, fatal and major technological accidents, Icsi and its members have become convinced that a shared awareness of the most important risks is a major challenge for risk management.

However, individuals often tend to minimize what is at stake.  Although it is clear that major incidents are very rare – most of us have never experienced them – they are potentially devastating to human life, industrial facilities, the local community, and the environment.

Virtual reality helps us to visualize these unlikely scenarios, and see what it would be like during a crisis or following an accident... while staying safe.



| How is virtual reality used? |


How it works:

  • everyone, from the newest to the most experienced members of staff can immerse themselves in situations that are as close as possible to reality;
  • the learner remembers 90%* of what he or she experiences, and 95%* of what they feel during the exercise.
  • the simulation of virtual accidents raises safety awareness and improves risk prevention
  • we provide statistics on successes and failures that you can use to debrief your teams and exchange views.

(*) From Edgar Dale’s Cone of Experience


| Develop made-to-measure programs |


In order to help you to prevent your most serious risks, Icsi has partnered with Immersive Factory to develop made-to-measure virtual reality training programs designed to help you manage your most important risks.





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